Once you get your hands on this powerful, little-known information,

Sellers will literally BEG you to buy their houses from them - for MUCH LESS than they're really worth...

...and love you when you do! Forget about tenants, rehabs, and bad neighborhoods. This breakthrough system shows you how to take advantage of the most up-to-date knowledge of human nature to literally "beat the system" and build wealth!


"26 Ways is incredible, Lance! Before I read your material, I always felt like I had to pay top dollar to buy the pretty houses. This is a hot market, and sellers often get even higher prices than they're asking for. Now, I don't have to hunt for the sellers who will sell a nice house cheap - they come looking for me!"

-- Y. Moore, Atlanta GA


Question: Are you earning all the money you thought
you would as a real estate investor?

Is the business as much fun as you thought it would be? If not, read on...

Have you bought tons of books, tapes, and courses in order to learn the secrets of truly profitable real estate, but somehow you just never seem to be able to get a deal done? I've seen it happen many times - but there's an easy, powerful way to solve the problem!

Hi, I'm Lance T. Walker, and I'm glad you're here. I've dedicated my life to helping people become financially successful by tearing off the blindfolds that have been applied to our minds by those who would keep us in debt for the rest of our lives.

Yes, it's true - there's a lot to learn in the real estate business. This is, after all, where "the big boys play".
But there is one skill set, above all others, that truly separates the winners from the losers. One knack the true moneymakers have that the struggling wannabe wealth builder simply doesn't ...

The ability to get people to sell you pretty properties,
in move-in condition, for literally dimes on the dollar!


"All I can say is, Wow! In the midst of my busy schedule, I got to read '26 Ways' yesterday. This is a true resource guide, a must-have in the home library of every Real Estate Investor.

What's in demand now is solid, concrete information on how to make your dollars work for you - and '26 Ways' definitely delivers. The true life stories made the book an easy read, and I just couldn't put it down! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this step-by-step guide. Now I know how to make real deals happen.
Thanks Lance!

-- D. Hall, Newport News VA


Makes sense, doesn't it? The basic foundation of any business is being able to buy low and sell high. Buy below market value, sell at market value or higher. One highly successful investor even teaches his students to "buy wholesale, or don't buy at all."

But that's not what most aspiring real estate wealth builders do, is it! Especially if they're in a hot market, or relatively new to the game. Instead, what happens is they often become more anxious to buy a particular property than the seller is to sell it! As a result, they either pay too much and lose all their potential profit, or they get scared and wind up not buying at all.

It doesn't have to be this way!

No matter how hot the market may be where you are, there are always lots of people who will sell you their homes for much less than they're worth. Why? Sometimes they're desperate. Sometimes they're cash hungry, or don't care about the property. Sometimes they just know it would be a good financial move for them to make. But whatever the reason,


You DON'T have to deal with tenants.
You DON'T have to buy and fix up some
broken-down shack in a bad part of town.


There are people in your area who will sell you a pretty home, in move-in condition, in a nice neighborhood, for much less than it's actually worth.

Some people call them "don't-wanters". Others call them "motivated sellers". Some people don't even think they exist. (Oh, they exist, all right, and many of them go to sleep every night wishing you would contact them and take their pretty properties off their hands.)

They don't care how much money you make on the deal. In fact, they know you're in business to make a profit - a nice profit - and they're willing to help you do just that!

But I'll tell you a secret;
you will almost never find them in
the places most people look!

Most investors never find the mysterious "motivated seller", simply because they're looking in all the wrong places!

And to top it off, the people who know how to find these anxious homeowners day in and day out, generally keep that knowledge to themselves - or sell it for hundreds of dollars, pricing it out of reach of those who need it most!

So why am I sharing this information?

The truth is, there's way more business out there than an army of us could handle. And there's lots more coming onto the market every day. The opportunity has never been greater. The pie has never been bigger.

After all, it's the real estate investor who keeps our neighborhoods from declining and helps maintain our quality of life. And I've seen way too many people, who would sincerely like to become investors, get sidelined by a lack of basic, real-world knowledge.

So I made the decision to share this powerful, hidden information with you, so you can start making your dreams come true. I help you, you help others, and we all build our financial futures at the same time.

The book is called "Pretty Houses Wholesale: 26 Ways to Buy a Pretty House Below Market Value". And not one of these methods has to do with rehabbing some falling-down money pit in a place you'd be scared to send your spouse or kids to.

It's instantly downloadable right to your hard drive, so you don't have to run to the bookstore or wait for the mail carrier.

I've been told by my accounting people that I should price the book
somewhere in the $99-$200 range...

But I've built my success as an entrepreneur by going with my instincts. And my instincts tell me there's an awful lot of people out there thirsty for this information, who may be future partners for me in some of my deals. So by providing it to you at a rock-bottom price of just $29.97, I know that anybody who wants to learn these secret methods can afford to do so.



No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!

Here is my personal guarantee of satisfaction.
Buy this book. Use it for a full 90 days.

Start locating deals that the realtors
(and your competitors) -
didn't even know were out there.

And if you don't agree that this information is worth
at least ten times the price you paid, I'll gladly
refund your money - no questions asked.


"26 Ways to Buy a Pretty House Below Market Value" offers you the best value for your education dollar invested.

  • You no longer have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to get the inside information you need and start slamming real income into your bank account.
  • By eliminating the rehab stage, you can concentrate on finding more deals - and bigger deals. You simplify your processes, slash your workload, and reduce your stress. In other words, you get to keep a life.

The really good news is,
Pretty Houses Wholesale is priced at only $29.97 for a limited time. Once the initial invitation-only phase is over, it will be released to the general public and priced at least twenty dollars higher. This special introductory price is only guaranteed if you order right now.

As any real estate "guru" will tell you, in this business you make your money when you buy, and cash in when you sell. Buy a property right, and your profit is locked in. Buy it wrong, and you'll probably end up selling to someone who's read this book. Order yours now: it's the biggest no-brainer in the history of mankind. (Well, maybe not, but it's close.)

Just click this button for instant download - even if it's 3am:

Order now

Or, if you prefer to order by fax or snail mail click here:


Invest powerfully, Invest well,

Lance T. Walker, IBC

"Hey, now that's more like it! Now I see how you've been getting all those great deals you've been telling me about! I couldn't understand how you kept finding all those people willing to sell you their houses for next to nothing, and with a dollar down no less!

I thought you were just being a 'super salesman', but now I see it's all in having the right mindset and knowing where to look. I've already found a house, about two miles from me, that nobody even knew was going on the market. The owner called me, and told me I could have it for what he owed on it. Boom! An instant $20,000 profit margin before I even made an offer! This stuff is amazing, Lance. Thanks for sharing it with me!"

-- C. Rush, Hampton VA


P.S. Keep in mind, you won't need to use all 26 ways. There are people operating entire businesses just using two or three. In fact, you only need to get good at one way in order to completely change your life. So don't wait. Get off the fence - your future's waiting. Grab your copy of "Pretty Houses Wholesale" now...





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